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The Lowdown on Brimfield in July ...

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The Lowdown on Brimfield in July ...

Brimfield Antique Show

What a fun day we had at Brimfield! Although it was a sweltering 92 degrees, the antique dealers did not disappoint. This was my first time attending the July show and I was amazed at how uncrowded it was! I was told by some of the veterans that the attendance is lightest in July due to the heat. This, coupled with the fact that we went on a Friday and there were only two days left, helped us to score some major deals!

Brimfield Antique Show

So loaded up with sunscreen, comfy shoes, lots of water and our trusty rolling cart (don't judge), we were off. Although at first glance it can appear to just be a swarm of tents and tables jumbled together, there actually IS a system to the place. There are 21 separate markets with staggering opening dates. We did our best to go in order and travel row by row, as to not miss any once-in-a-lifetime deals. But with the sun beating down, we got tired in a mere 4 hours and missed quite a bit of the vendors (we're usually rockstars at these types of events and last the entire day). We DID, however, score some great finds.

I was psyched to find an antique organ mantle which was very ornate and large for a mere $20, not to mention some very cool Indian wooden carved stamps, a vintage artists easel, some very old spools of wool and an antique tool caddy.

There really was everything you could possibly imagine from vintage clothing to antique tools to creepy clown statues. There are outrageously expensive items and dealers that offer $1 bargain tables, and EVERYTHING in between.

Brimfield Antique Show

I think we will definitely return to the July show next year, even with the crazy heat. Did you attend the Brimfield show? If so, we'd love to see your finds. Just tag us on Instagram @gracefullyrestord. Happy bargain hunting!

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  • Jul 21, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the experience. Sounds like an amazing time!

    — terry

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