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Curated Faux Floral Bouquets

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Curated Faux Floral Bouquets

New to Gracefully Restored is our curated floral collection, an exciting new addition to our beautiful, artificial floral pieces. 

What are they?

Each arrangement has been specially curated for a select five instagrammers. These instagrammers have different styles and aesthetics, which allowed us to create a variety of different arrangements so nearly anyone can find something they like in the collection.

Who are the instagrammers?

Stephanie from @celebrated_nest does a little bit of everything - blogs, designs, and her own DIY pieces. She married her high school sweetheart with whom she now has four kids. She decorates her home with a neutral pallet with some bright pops of color mixed in. Her unique and joyful home is a mixture of farmhouse and vintage, with a sprinkle of French Country.

Julie from @cottonandtwinehomedesign owns and runs Cotton And Twine Home Design blog where she discusses her inspirations and the things she loves the most. While she’s not writing her blog, she’s chasing her three kids around her beautifully decorated and cozy home. She mixes farmhouse, cottage, French vibes, and traditional style together to create a charming and comfy feel. Her house is a reflection of who she is and what she loves, which is why she’s able to truly call it home.

Alicia from @ourvintagenest, as you would guess from her instagram name, loves all things vintage. Finding and re-purposing old pieces and making them something new is her passion. As of right now, she is a stay-at-home mom to two children - Ava, 13 and Tyler, 10. She loves decor and dreams of working with others to help them decorate and stylize their homes. She believes that creating a home you love is not impossible; in fact it’s very feasible with a little creativity, time, and patience.

Kaley from @thelittlewhitefarmhouse, owns and operates the blog The Little White Farmhouse. She can’t resist anything antique, farmhouse, or shabby chic and aims to create spaces that feel authentic and vintage by taking old pieces and making them new again.

Tina and Taylor from @velveteenandgracega are a mother/daughter team, but to make it even better, are also best friends. Their name is taken from the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, which includes themes of grace and authenticity - things they value greatly in their work. They want to support those who aim to own small businesses, not only with their guidance, but also by bringing the message of love and acceptance.

Is this a one-time thing?

No, a new collection will be launched each season! We know that with changes in weather, temperature, and even mood, your home decor may vary, so we want to make sure you have an arrangement to match. A new collection will be launched each spring/summer, fall, holiday, and winter season, so if you’re looking for a new arrangement, look no further. There is no commitment though, so if you’re looking for something for one season but not another, that’s okay. We’ll be here for you whenever you need a change!

Why artificial flowers?

Our artificial flowers come from all over the world, picked for their beauty and incredibly realistic quality. We make sure each is botanically correct, so it would take an expert eye to tell it’s artificial. The big plus to buying artificial is longevity; one purchase enables you to keep each bouquet not only for one season, but many seasons to come.  

Why choose us for your arrangements?

Our arrangements are carefully and thoughtfully made, each one designed by a professional hand. Color, shape, and texture blend together in each piece, making them special and distinctive - hardly your ordinary grocery store arrangements. We also know how important packaging is, so not only will your flowers look stunning in your home but will look beautiful when they arrive. Each arrangement is hand-tied, which eliminates the need to arrange the flowers on your own; they’re ready immediately to settle in a vase or other container. 

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